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What is Bliain na Gaeilge?

The Gaelic Revival started 125 years ago this year and with that in mind the Irish speaking community shall come together in joyous celebration during 2018.It is easy to take part due to sheer amount of events, both big and small, that will be run around the country.

Local Events:

Thousands of events will take place this year as part of Bliain na Gaeilge. You can find all the information on these events from our Interactive Map.

If you want to register your own event for Bliain na Gaeilge and spread the word, you can do so right here! You can register your event on our Event Registration page and your event will be part of the official Bliain na Gaeilge programme!


There will be a number of competitions organised throughout the year as part of the celebrations and to show how far the language revival has come over the last 125 years.

Cén focal is fearr leat?


What's your favourite Irish word? You can enter this competition every month and the monthly winner will receive a €100 oneforall voucher and enters you in the draw to win a camper van for a week! Simply follow the link below. It doesn't take long!

Gaelfhíseán na Bliana
Create a music video as Gaeilge and be in with a chance to win €1,000 for the best video in each county. Both primary and secondary schools are welcome to take part, simply follow the instructions below and have fun!
Choose a well-known song and create new lyrics to go with it or create an original song
Create a team to record the music video
Organise recording equipment and a location to record the video
Put a group together to participate in the video, the more the merrier between pupils, teachers and parents!
Record and edit the video
Send your entries to Bliain na Gaeilge, 6 Sráid Fhearchair, BÁC 2 or by email to

Watch these brillaint sample videos below for inspiration
Pick a bright colourful place with a nice background to record the video
Create a document detailing the roles of every pupil and teacher in the video
Credit the participants at the end of the video
Deadline: 20th of April 2018

Comórtas Ealaíne

As part of Bliain na Gaeilge there will be an art competition for all primary school aged children. There is a prize of €1,000 for the best picture in every county. The theme for this years competition is ‘Gaeilge: The influence it has on my life/in my area’ and participants can draw or paint a picture based on this theme.
Some ideas:
Music through Gaeilge
Sport through Gaeilge
My Irish language hero
The heritage of the Irish language in my town
Gaeilge at home / in school

A4, A3, A2 can all be used
Feel free to use the colours from the Bliain na Gaeilge logo ( Green, Orange, Blue and Pink)
One entry per person can be sent to to Bliain na Gaeilge, 6 Sráid Fhearchair, BÁC 2 or by email to

Deadline: 20th of April 2018