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What is Caint & Comhrá?

There are many Irish language conversation groups across the country. You will find groups to suit speakers of every level.

The scheme Is Leor Beirt (It only takes two) was set up to support and encourage new and current Irish language conversation groups around the world.

These groups give you the chance for you to use your Irish; whether you’re fluent or only learning.

You dont need to have lots of people to get your cúpla focal going - it only takes two!

How to Start a Conversation Group

It’s very easy to set up a new Conversation Group; all you need is a group of people to meet and chat together in Irish on a regular basis.
Once you have settled on a time and place forward the details to or register your group on the Peig site.

Taking part in the scheme is completely free and usually doesn't take up much free time.  Groups often base meetings around coffee breaks and lunch hours. 

Is Leor Beirt gives everyone a chance to use their cúpla focal and ensures Irish will be heard in all across the country.

The campaign aims to help you overcome your fear of speaking the language by providing a friendly and casual setting to use your cúpla focal.

Find a Conversation Group Near You

You can find a Ciorcal Comhrá in your area through Peig’s interactive events map. 



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