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Irish colleges offer a great opportunity to children from 12 upwards to immerse themselves in the Irish language. It’s a great way for young people to learn Irish and see the language as it thrives in the Gaeltacht. There is a wide variety of Gaeltacht summer courses, which cover a range of different activities from sport to music to adventure outings. Each course also focuses on the language itself though fun and interactive Irish language classes.

Every Gaeltacht summer course and Irish college is different. There is an Irish college to satisfy every child's interests, whether they prefer football, surfing or music, among other interests. Gaeltacht summer courses are also a fantastic way of making friends and meeting new people.

Participation in these courses can also provide employment later in life, with regular summer positions for young adults as camp leaders available. 

Teenagers who attend these courses often report a larger interest in the language on their return. These courses represent their first experience of Irish outside the classroom. Using Irish in a more natural way can often turn negative feelings towards the language around. 

Gaeltacht summer courses also offer a safe environment for teenagers to experience being away from home for the first time. 

Below is a list of various Irish summer colleges and Gaeltacht courses around the country.


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