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Conradh na Gaeilge's head office runs language awareness events throughout the year. You can find your local branch here. See below for a selection of their biggest campaigns. 

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Seachtain na Gaeilge

Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Language Week) is an international Irish language festival and one of the biggest international celebrations of our native language and culture. The festival runs from 1st – 17th March every year. More information at

Cómhrá 24/7

Comhrá runs in October every year. A constant conversation in Irish is kept going live online for an entire week. The campaign was started in 2013 as part of Irish Language Year. Groups from all across the world take part through Google Hangout. Email for more information on this campaign.

The Conradh na Gaeilge Roadshow

The Roadshow has grown in recent years to become an integral part of the school calendar. A member of Conradh na Gaeilge's staff is on the road every day, promoting the Irish language in secondary schools throughout the country.

What is the Road Show?
• It’s an interactive workshop about the Irish language, including games, debates and role play.

• Students are informed about where they can use Irish and about their language rights.
• There are stickers, CDs, wristbands and lots of other prizes to give out!
• The Road Show was held in more than 170 schools last year and is expanding all the time!

Conradh na Gaeilge is very grateful to the Department of Education and Skills for their support with the Road Show. You can register and find more information here.

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Gaeilge 24

The aim of this challenge is to inspire young people to speak Irish for a full 24 hours. They are encouraged to speak it at home, at school, in shops, with businesses, around their hometown, in sports clubs, at youth clubs and everywhere else too. You can register and find more information here.